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Photos: Carlos Boozer’s Possibly Fake Hair Stole the Show During Bulls vs. Celtics

Even without Derrick Rose there to lead them, the Chicago Bulls came through with a surprisingly solid performance (in spurts) versus the Boston Celtics this past Sunday. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. The geriatric Celtics eventually won the game 95-91, but that didn't wind up being the story of the day. Neither was the Chicago’s admirable effort without their biggest star.

No, they biggest story of the day, undoubtedly, was folks trying to figure out what the hell was going on with Chicago forward Carlos Boozer’s head.Take a look (via SportsGrid):

Seriously…what is that? Did he spray paint that on? Did his Miami Heat fan son waterbrush that on his head? Is that an allergic reaction?

Let us know what you think is going on with Boozer’s head because, frankly, we’re at a loss for words here.

(Kudos to SportsGrid for the find)

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