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Photos: Bobby Petrino Exchanged Many Texts with Supposed Miss Bikini USA Winner

Former Arkansas head football coach and admitted adulterer Bobby Petrino is currently hiding out and waiting for the media to lose interest in his sordid past. Unfortunately, thanks to the fact that he decided to use a school-provided cell phone while interacting with at least one of his mistresses, the records from his last few months at Arkansas are going to keep him in the news for at least another week.

While combing through Petrino’s information, the good folks at Deadspin discovered something interesting. Apparently, Jessica Dorrell wasn’t the only young, attractive woman not named Becky (his wife) that the coach was exchanging mass texts with. There was also 26-year-old Alison Melder, current "Senate Assistant at Republican Party of Arkansas" (at least according to LinkedIn), and supposed winner of the 2008 Miss Bikini USA and Miss Motorcycle Mania competitions.

For what it’s worth, we couldn’t find her on the winners list for Miss Bikini USA, but maybe we’re just blind. Over the course of a three-month span, per Deadspin, she and Petrino exchanged over 200 messages. Of those messages, six were picture messages – all coming from Melder.

Here are some photos of the young lady in question:

The Arkansas head coaching job may have a lot more perks than we initially realized.

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