Photo: West Ham’s Carlton Cole Offers Most Sexist Valentine’s Day Picture Ever

Valentine’s Day is the time of the year when you let that someone special in your life know just how special they truly are.

Women generally eagerly await the day because they know the men in their lives will come through with clutch gifts that they can then brag about to their other female friends. Men generally wait until the very last moment to find something, then end up putting way more time and effort into getting a good gift than they originally figured they would.

And then there’s West Ham’s Carlton Cole. Unlike his fellow males out there, Cole clearly thought ahead to what he wanted to do on Valentine’s Day. Problem is, thinking ahead led the striker to the point of no return.

Here is the picture he uploaded to Twitter today (via Yahoo! Sports):

Image placeholder title

In case you’re wondering what’s on that little platter: it’s an iron, liquid soap, fabric softener, dish washing liquid and a number of other things that probably seemed like a good idea to joke about in his head.

Charming, right?

Predictably, his tweet has caused something of a stir.

What do you think: was Cole funny or insultingly sexist?

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sportsfor the find)

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