Photo: Timberwolves’ Kevin Love Has Decided to Voluntarily Walk Around Looking Like This

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Kevin Love is one of the best big men in the NBA right now. The guy can score, rebound and generally be counted on for a double-double every single time he takes the floor. When he’s not playing, folks who know him seem to think he’s just about the coolest guy ever. We've never actually heard anyone say a single bad thing about Love (which is funny considering he once stepped on a dude's face). All of that stuff is duly noted.

Even the greats make mistakes, though. And on Thursday, Love made the biggest mistake we’ve ever seen him make. It didn’t come on the hardwood. It came in the barbershop.

Check out this picture he tweeted of himself:

Last week, during a game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets, Love got cracked in the head by an accidental elbow from JaVale McGee. Tests eventually revealed that he had sustained a concussion from the blow. He hasn’t played since then, and actually only underwent the concussion testing necessary to return this past Wednesday.

We’re going to chalk this new look up to lingering effects from a hard hit to the head. It's the only explanation.

Best reaction to this photo:

So is Kevin Love allowed near Ricky Rubio now that he's a registered sex offender?

— Myles Brown (@mdotbrown) April 19, 2012

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