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Photo: Tim Duncan Was Kept Out of Spurs vs. Sixers Because He’s Old

The NBA season is ridiculously long. Even an NBA season that is shortened thanks to a totally unnecessary lockout, when you think about, is filled with largely meaningless games that veteran superstars who aren’t looking to boost their stats (read: Kobe Bryant) really want no part of.

In that spirit, it’s certainly not strange to see a big name out on a particular night with an injury that you know isn’t real. Both the league and fans know it happens, and everyone sort of expects it and respects the logic behind it.

That said, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich doesn’t believe in listing injuries that aren’t real just to give his players a little rest, apparently. Check out what he noted on his injury submissions for Sunday night’s showdown between the Spurs and Philadelphia 76ers (via Yahoo! Sports):

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Regardless of whether you’re a Spurs fan or not, you have to appreciate that sort of honesty.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sportsfor the find)

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