Photo: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker Mock Execute Joey Crawford at a Halloween Party


The San Antonio Spurs found themselves in the headlines this week after Gregg Popovich hilariously decided to rest his best players during a nationally televised game against the Miami Heat. That decision ultimately resulted in a $250,000 fine and a legitimate public discussion regarding everything from proper basketball season length to what powers a commissioner should and shouldn’t have over his league.

Also, as Bob Ryan astutely noted on The Sports Reporters today, it ended up giving the Spurs more attention and notoriety than they received at any point during their four championship runs.

This week wasn’t the first time that San Antonio ran afoul of the NBA or one of their higher powers, though. You will recall, back in April of 2007, Tim Duncan and Joey Crawford had one of the most infamous player-referee altercations of all time. Said altercation resulted in Duncan getting ejected from that particular game, and Crawford being depicted after the fact as an attention-starved, wannabe-tough guy lunatic.

That incident should put this picture, uncovered by Deadspin yesterday, into a bit of perspective:

Frankly, if this wonderful image doesn’t repair the relationship between San Antonio the league, nothing will.

(Kudos Deadspin)

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