Photo: Thunder’s James Harden Really Appreciates Kate Upton’s Talent

Seeing as the Oklahoma City Thunder is America’s sweetheart basketball team and Kate Upton is America’s sweetheart, it stands to reason that they would team up to sell us something we don't need. Yesterday, the good folks at Skullcandy released a video of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kate Upton presumably trying to peddle headphones. We say presumably because, as is the case with every Kate Upton video that we encounter, we watched it with the sound off.

Far more interesting than the video itself, though, is this great picture that Twitter must-follow @Marcel _Mutoni came across.

Here is Harden appreciating all of Upton’s many talents:

Image placeholder title

You have to admire the focus.

And here is the entire video:

(Kudos to @Marcel _Mutoni for the find)

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