Photo: Thunder’s Russell Westbrook Voluntarily Walks Around Looking Like This

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Basketball players making unfortunate choices when picking out their wardrobe nothing new. Beginning with Kobe Bryant’s infamous all-white photo shoot back in the day, and ending with Nick Young’s blindingly awful shirt from last week – ballers’ credibility as it pertains to fashion has taken a serious hit over the last few years.

In an effort to out-embarrass the competition, Russell Westbrook decided to up the ante on horrible styles by showing up to Monday night’s postgame press conference looking like this (via SB Nation):

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Look, we’re all for pushing the boundaries of generally accepted fashion principles. You don’t get innovation without trying something new every so often. But there is a limit. There is a line you just don’t cross. And on Monday, after his team thoroughly thumped the Lakers in Game 1 of their second round matchup, Westbrook ran across that line wearing a polo he stole from a third grader and glasses he ripped off Sally Jesse Raphael’s face.

The NBA should retroactively take away the Thunder’s Game 1 win for the sheer horribleness of the above photo alone. 

Best tweet on this topic comes via Twitter must-follow, @mdotbrown:

RT @shaydechelle: That polo shirt he had on snaps between the legs.

— Myles Brown (@mdotbrown) May 15, 2012

(Kudos to SB Nation)

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