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Photo: Shaun White Busted for Public Intoxication, Vandalism

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and X-Games legend, Shaun White, was arrested and charged with public intoxication and vandalism early Sunday morning.

According to TMZ, the Nashville Metro Police responded to a hotel where White was staying when they got reports that he was drunkenly pulling the hotel fire alarm, smashing up hotel property and doing all sorts of other dumb stuff. The good times didn't end with simple destruction of other people's belongings, though. Via the report:

Cops say ... a concerned citizen tried to stop the 26-year-old from leaving the scene in a taxi ... but White allegedly kicked the person and proceeded to flee on foot.

According to police, the alleged victim says he chased after White ... and collided with the snowboarder .... causing White to fall backwards and slam his head against a fence.

For what it’s worth, the citizen ultimately refused to press assault charges.

Nevertheless, White was issued arrest warrants for vandalism and public intoxication after he refused to sign misdemeanor citations.

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(Kudos TMZ)

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