Photo: Saints Fans Apparently Owning Bountygate with Interesting New Brett Favre Shirts

Generally, when fans of a particular team are faced with some sort of scandal involving their club – they deny, deny, deny and defend, defend, defend.

New Orleans Saints fans are a different breed, though.

A day after it came out that the team’s general manager, Mickey Loomis, may or may not have eavesdropped on opposing coaches from his office for years, Darren Rovell (via Larry Brown Sports) stumbled on these classy shirts that Saints fans are wearing now:

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In case the reference is lost on you: back in 2010, during a game between the Saints and Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre got absolutely leveled by the defense in what was an extraordinarily hardcore hit. After Bountygate came to light this year, Peter King noted that following the hit on Favre, a player could audibly by heard yelling: “Pay me my money!”

This was the play in question:

That’s what Saints fans are celebrating these days.

Classy stuff.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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