Photo: Royals Fan in $240 Seats Reads Book During Game

The Kansas City Royals are all sorts of awful. Our friend Marcus Ashpaugh willingly documents the team daily over on Royal Blues, and we feel his pain every single time this squad suits up.

Currently the team is 4-14 and, with all due respect to everyone who loves the franchise – probably isn't even at its lowest point right now. We honestly don’t have much faith in their ability to beat the Cleveland Indians today, so that second number will probably continue to tick up while the first one will probably stay in the place.

How bad are things in Kansas City right now? Very bad. So bad, in fact, that words probably wouldn’t serve the situation justice. A picture probably could, though.

Here is a photo (via Yahoo! Sports) of a fan sitting in what are apparently $240 seats, so disinterested with the product in front of him, that he’d rather read a book:

Image placeholder title

That says it all right there.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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