Photo: Redskins’ Robert Griffin III to Become 1st NFL Player with Roman Numerals on Jersey

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The bar is being set pretty high for Robert Griffin III, the No. 2 overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. Whereas everyone generally acknowledges that the Indianapolis Colts will be absolutely horrendous despite anything that Andrew Luck may or may not be able to do, folks actually seem to think that the Washington Redskins will be able to accomplish something this year. Despite the fact that they’ll regularly be punching bags for the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, various NFL insiders have made it clear that they expect Griffin will be able to guide Washington to some moderate level of success this season.

Good luck with that.

Part of the reason that everyone seems to think so highly of the Redskins is probably because the Redskins continue to be in the news. And the reason that the Redskins continue to be in the news is because Griffin keeps inserting himself into the news. The dude is sort of a marketing machine, and he’s really sold himself well over the last few months for various non-football reasons. Whether all that will ultimately translate into on-the-field success remains to be seen, but its fun to watch either way.

RGIII’s latest having-nothing-to-do-with-football bit of news? That, as noted by ESPN, he is about to become the first NFL player with a roman numeral on his jersey. Per Paul Lukas:

During rookie training camp with the Redskins, the nameplate on the back of Griffin's practice jersey has read, "Griffin III," and the ’Skins have confirmed to Uni Watch that he will wear the Roman numeral on his game jersey as well. This is due to a new NFL rule change that allows generational titles to be included on players' nameplates.

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(via ESPN)

So there you go. The Redskins will probably win like four games this year but, on the bright side, they’ve already made history.

(Kudos Uni Watch)

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