Photo: This is Probably the Brooklyn Nets’ New Logo


This past Monday night the Nets played their final game in New Jersey. (They lost, of course.) To say that people in the Garden State won’t miss them would probably be an understatement. After a less-than-stellar 35 years in their old locale, the Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov-owned organization will move to a brand new arena in Brooklyn – the Barclays Center.

As part of the move, the Nets are trying to do a whole big logo and identity redesign that they hope will rejuvenate their sleepy fanbase and pump some life into an otherwise completely uninteresting team. According to Brett Yormark, the Nets’ CEO, the franchise’s “entire brand identity” (read: basically a new logo) will be introduced to the general public this coming Monday.

Or at least that was the plan. Instead, some guy who was working on the Barclays Center recently managed to snap and tweet this photo of what is presumably the new logo (via Gothamist):

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Nets brass is refusing to acknowledge that it’s real, but seeing as it looks almost exactly like the image that they have on their website, it probably is.

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(That's the photo currently on the Nets' website)

A lot of folks are having troubling believing that the Nets would let their big unveiling get undermined by doing something as stupid as posting the new logo on a wall at Barclays.

We disagree.

Really, it’s the most Nets-like thing that the Nets could possibly do under these circumstances.

(Kudos to Gothamist for the photos)

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