Photo: Philadelphia Daily News Calls Sidney Crosby a “Cowardly Penguin”


You would think that the Philadelphia Flyers holding a 3-0 series lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins would reduce the hostility a bit. After all, when a guy is down, typically the inclination is to stop beating on him. Apparently that rule doesn’t apply in Pennsylvania, though.

The Flyers versus Penguins first round NHL playoff series has been just as gruesome as most figured it would be, and tensions are flying high on Wednesday as Philly looks to close this thing out with a clean sweep.

In preparation for what lays ahead tonight, the Philadelphia Daily News ran this interesting cover photo of Sidney Crosby:

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Although some may perceive the cover to be crude given everything Crosby has gone through (health-wise), it’s sort of accurate. The fact of the matter is that he has been starting unnecessary altercations, he is trying to provoke guys that will ultimately get bashed if they respond and his Penguins aren’t doing anything of note in this series. Literally, this is the most shockingly uncompetitive matchup of the first round. Nobody saw a whipping of this magnitude coming (or at least we didn’t).  

To the winner goes the spoils, and so long as the Flyers keep destroying the Penguins like they have been, their newspapers can talk all the trash they want.

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