Photo: Pawngo Dropped 900 Pounds of Butterfingers in Boston for Wes Welker

Wes Welker has consistently been the most reliable New England Patriots weapon in Tom Brady’s magical arsenal. Yes, Rob Gronkowski has emerged as the go-to guy over the last year. Sure, Aaron Hernandez is shaping up to be an impressive little complementary piece to Gronk. And fine, Deion Branch has been there through thick and thin with Brady over the years -- his slight break notwithstanding -- in a way no other receiver has been.

But over the last few seasons, it’s Welker who has always been there making the tough catches for Brady when the tough catches needed to be made. He messed up in the Super Bowl this past Sunday. That seems to be the general consensus. When we asked whether or not his dropped pass late in the game proved to be the difference for Patriots – most folks seemed to think so. Still, you would think that one bad game wouldn’t permanently sour fans on a guy who is pretty much as sturdy as they come.

You would think wrong.

Shortly after suffering the indignity of having Gisele Bundchen basically burn him fin front of the whole world, Welker returned to Boston to see this:

Image placeholder title

Yup, that’s 900 pounds of Butterfingers candy in honor of Welker’s lone misstep in the championship game. And yes, online pawn shop Pawngo apparently purposely left it in the middle of Copley Square in Boston to remind all of what had transpired this weekend.

Cold world.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find and the picture)

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