Photo: Patriots’ Tom Brady Has a Stupid New Haircut


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has everything going for him in life. He’s married to ridiculously hot supermodel. He recently purchased an $11 million, 3.75 acre property in Brentwood, CA. His team played in this year’s Super Bowl and, really, was just a few receptions away from taking home yet another championship. Even if he doesn’t ever win another title again, he has already done enough to legitimately be recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Because of all the things that Brady has going for him, regular folks should consider it a personal mission to find any little thing that’s out there to tear him down with. I’ll start. Remember that stupid dance he did in Brazil last year?

This past Monday night, at some high-class New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art event, Brady gave us another thing we can make fun of. No, he didn’t bust any more moves. He just came with this weird-looking haircut (via USA Today):

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Seriously, what the hell is that? When you show up to a dinner with a supermodel on your arm and your hair looking like it was used to clean up the BP oil spill, you have a problem.

C'mon Tom, you're better than that. Also, please switch lives with us.

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