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Photo: Parking at the 2012 World Series Costs Anywhere from $90 to $130

As someone who has lived in Hollywood all his life, I am all too familiar with the price gouging that occurs when it comes to parking at big time events. Go to a concert or a much-hyped gathering of any sort out here, and you will inevitably be extorted by guys who offer house your decently-sized vehicle for like $20-$40. 

It is what it is. Blame capitalism.

The powers that be at the World Series are taking this raising prices for huge events concept to a whole new level, though. Check out what the good folks at Yahoo! Sports discovered yesterday:

Image placeholder title

Are you serious? $90 for a compact car? $100 for a compact SUV? $130 for a truck? Amazing.

Here is to hoping that a Kung Fu Panda-hit homer hits whoever set up these prices straight in their big, money-grubbing heads.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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