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Photo: Packers Fan Calls Out Cheating Boyfriend During Bears Game

The holidays are a time to forgive and forget. Well, unless of course you’re a girl who has recently been cheated on. If you’re a girl who has recently been cheated on, then the holidays are an opportune time to seek out sweet, sweet revenge in the most painful and/or embarrassing fashion that you can possibly think of.

So far, we have two finalists in the “I’ve been cheated on so I dumped the loser and now I’m going to make him pay” Sports Hall of Fame for 2011.

The first comes from a woman who planned out her revenge quietly and thoroughly over a period of 10 years – Vanessa Bryant. We’ve already gone into a lot of detail about Vanessa’s qualifications, and she undoubtedly very much deserves the honor. The second applicant for this award comes to us live from Sunday’s game between Green Bay and Chicago. In response to her (allegedly) cheating boyfriend’s unfortunate ways, she held up this sign at the game:

Obviously a simple sign on national TV and withholding tickets to a football game isn’t as impressive as what Vanessa was able to accomplish, but not everyone can find it within themselves to stay with a proven adulterer for 10 years to get access to anywhere from $75 to $150 million.

There’s still a week before the year ends. Perhaps we’ll find a last-minute candidate who finds a way to get $75+ million from her cheating better half and brags about it at a football game.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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