Photo: Pacers Mock Amar’e Stoudemire, Knicks and Fire Extinguisher-Punchers Everywhere


Amar’e Stoudemire has been the subject of a lot of mockery and ridicule over the last couple of days, and rightfully so. Punching a glass fire extinguisher encasement out frustration -- thus effectively taking yourself out of the postseason and ensuring that your team gets booted with zero dignity -- is an offense worthy of the derision that it’s gotten.

The one thing that all of the Stoudemire-directed criticism has had in common, though, is that it came from everyone besides NBA players. You had Twitter people weighing in, analysts offering their two cents and apparel companies banking off the incident. But no players.

Most figured that this had something to do with the bond that exists between guys in the league. Basically, because players know how hard and frustrating it is to lose, more of them would be inclined to sympathize with Stoudemire’s decision than mock it.

Apparently not, though.

Here is what Austin Croshere tweeted out last night (via Yahoo! Sports ):

The lesson here: when you do something stupid, everyone is allowed to mock it. Even people who have to live in Indiana.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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