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Photo: OKC Fans Needlessly Taunt Seattle with a Thunder T-Shirt

Oklahoma City Thunder fans must really be feeling themselves right about now. They have two of the top 10 talents in the NBA. They’re on the verge of knocking the Los Angeles Lakers out of the postseason. They’re in great position to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals and, really, to win the whole thing. They have quite possibly the best home crowd in the whole Association. And, of course, they finally have a PA announcer who’s allowed within 50 feet of all elementary schools.

So, all in all, things are moving pretty smoothly for OKC. Which makes it all the weirder that they would opt to sport this shirt at games; a shirt which presumably was designed with the sole purpose of twisting the knife that was left in Seattle’s back when the then-Sonics, now-Thunder moved in 2008.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

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The worst part of that shirt is that it plays Seattle folk like they weren’t great hoops fans. The relocation from Seattle to OKC wasn’t because fans didn’t care or because of some disinterest in the future of the squad, it was all the byproduct of complete and total shadiness. The fans don’t deserve any hate for what went down. In fact, they sort of deserve our non-stop sympathies.

C’mon OKC fans – ya’ll are better than this.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports)

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