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Photo: Oakland Athletics Pitcher Brandon McCarthy Mocks Yankees Fans

Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy is relatively unknown among non-hardcore baseball fans because, well, he’s a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics. Thank to Twitter, though, even pitchers from West Coast baseball teams that nobody really cares about can have their 15 minutes of fame. McCarthy opted to use his 15 minutes to shine a bit of light on a pair of New York Yankees fans that were in the house to see their squad lose to the Angels on Monday, 9-8.

Here is what the guys looked like (via @cjzero):

And here is what McCarthy tweeted out:

Nailing that 'thug chic' look is all about accessorizing properly.

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) May 29, 2012

The best part is that, now, more people know what Turtle and his buddy look like than what McCarthy himself looks like.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

Photo Credit: @cjzero

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