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Photo: NBCLA Mixes Up the Los Angeles Kings and Sacramento Kings

Los Angeles is a busy city. Nobody denies this. Even the most beloved sports franchises around, the Lakers and Dodgers, often have to deal with lackadaisical, overly-calm fans that would be deemed unfit for fanhood in other places. Even still, despite the fact that the Lakers and Dodgers may not have the most rambunctious supporters around, at least they have supporters. Everyone knows who those teams are.

Similarly, while the Clippers are just beginning to develop some aura of respectability, at least everyone in L.A. knows who they are, what they look like and what sport they play.  

The same doesn't hold true for arguably the best sports team currently in Los Angeles – the Kings. Whereas there are serious doubts regarding how far the Lakers and Clippers can go in the postseason, and how much longer the Dodgers can continue on their current run, there is very little doubt that the Kings are legitimate title contenders this year. Unfortunately, that hasn’t translated into widespread support.

Nothing illustrates that more than a recent report by NBCLA in which they profiled how well L.A.’s sports teams are doing:


Hey @NBCLA. Can we talk about everything that is wrong with this:

— LA Kings (@LAKings) May 15, 2012

For those keeping track at home: the Lakers are currently down 0-1 to the Thunder. After tonight, the Clippers will be down 0-1 to the Spurs. And the Kings, who are currently up 1-0 over the Coyotes and look poised to extend that lead, are the team that ultimately nobody actually knows.

L.A. is fantastic.

(Kudos to Awful Announcing for the photo)

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