Photo: Miguel Cabrera Tries to Catch Ball with His Face

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Remember in August of 2009 when Adrian Beltre while playing third base was hit by a ground ball in the family jewels? If I remember correctly it was his left testicle (or is that too much information?) Beltre landed on the DL with a torn testicle, and to the amazement of everyone (well, definitely me anyway) the guy still claims to not wear a cup (not that I was looking.)

Yesterday, while playing third base, Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera tried to catch a ball with his face off the bat of Hunter Pence. It appears that his sunglasses caused much of the bloody damage, but perhaps saved an eyeball. I’m not sure how Cabrera intended to get the ball over to first base after stopping the ball’s momentum, perhaps he was going to spit it on over?

Don’t try this at home boys an girls, leave it to the professionals. As a matter of fact, if your coach asks you to play third base, perhaps you should consider telling him your arm is sore and you can’t make the throw….

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