Photos: Lakers, Knicks, Heat, Celtics, Nets Get New Christmas Uniforms


The Los Angeles Lakers always play on Christmas. Because the NBA realizes that for a lot of people the season doesn’t really start until Dec. 25, the powers that be make sure to trot out their marquee franchises every single time. It’s something of an accepted tradition at this point.

This year, the Lakers will face off against the New York Knicks on Christmas. That showdown got exponentially more interesting today, mind you, when it was announced that Mike D’Antoni had been hired as the next coach of Los Angeles’ only real basketball team. On top of the D’Antoni factor, though, the Christmas game will also be special for another reason: the Lakers are trotting out brand new, all-white uniforms.

Via Darren Rovell:

And the Knicks’ uniforms:

The other NBA teams playing on Christmas will also have new uniforms. Here are the Heat’s:

And the Celtics ones:

And the Nets ones:

The Lakers ones are clearly the best of the bunch. The Knicks ones are embarrassing. Everything else falls in between.

What say you: which do you like best?

(Kudos Darren Rovell)

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