Photo: Knicks’ Baron Davis Celebrated Finally Playing by Pretending to Smoke a Joint


Point guard Baron Davis finally made his triumphant New York Knicks debut on Monday night, and it was everything we all expected it would be. He scored three points, hit exactly one shot and played about ten largely ineffective minutes. His lone contribution to the entire outing, really, was what he did after he made his only basket of the day.

Following the aforementioned successful three, Davis did this:

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He hit a J after hitting a J, get it? Davis’ unquestionable creativity aside, you have to wonder what the 32-year-old vet was thinking about when he made that gesture. Knowing full well that between Carmelo Anthony’s return and Jeremy Lin being Jeremy Lin that the eyes of the world were on that game, how could he possibly figure that pretending to smoke a joint in celebration of a shot was a good idea?

Originally, the Knicks signed Davis because they figured he’d fill a starting point guard role for them. That he’d commandeer the offense and finally give Mike D’Antoni the first legitimate point guard he’s had since arriving in New York. With the emergence of Lin, though, a lot of the burden has been taken off Davis’ shoulders. Now all he has to do is lead the bench, play unselfish basketball and not do anything stupid. So far, he’s not doing too well with that last responsibility.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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