Photo: Kentucky Fan Shows Off a Ridiculously Cool Glass Eye

There are obviously a lot of irritating Kentucky fans out there, but Nicholas Weber is most definitely not one of them. In fact, as of this moment, he’s probably the coolest one we’ve come across thus far.

As noted by Larry Brown Sports, Weber suffered an accident last year that ultimately cost him his left eye. Now, an experience that traumatizing, in theory, is enough to shake one’s faith in anything – especially something as relatively meaningless as sports allegiance. That’s not what happened with Weber, though. His accident didn’t shake his Kentucky fanhood – it re-enforced.

Check out how he displays his support for all things Wildcats these days:

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See Kentucky fans, that’s how you show off your diehard fanhood – not offering up your wives to Nerlens Noel.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

Photo Credit: USA Today

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