Photo: Jets’ Tim Tebow Gets Mani-Pedi, Presumably to Impress Rex Ryan


While visiting Los Angeles this past weekend, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow took some time out of his busy schedule to visit the landmarks. One of those landmarks? A West Hollywood salon called MB Nails.

According to the good folks at TMZ, the Jets’ inevitable starting quarterback opted for something traditional – a little pedicure to make the toes look right. The report noted that Tebow was his standard polite, lovable self throughout the entire experience, and even tipped very generously after his $23 mani-pedi procedure.

Now, if this were any other NFL star from any other team, this would be a non-story. We’ve evolved from the times when these salon treatments were just considered a female thing. Our male TV personalities wear more makeup than our mothers, our male athletes wear more jewelry than our girlfriends and the most impressive college basketball player on the planet right now is a female. Nobody thinks that the “dude getting a mani-pedi” portion of this is big news.

Rather, the reason Tebow doing what he did is interesting is because of his new coach. Don’t forget, last year Deadspin unearthed that Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, may or may not be into the whole foot fetish thing. As in, really into it. When he was asked about his purported foot fetish, Ryan never really offered a denial. Instead, he just gave us the “it’s a personal matter” confirmation-without-the-actual-confirmation and simply waited out the storm.

And that’s why Tebow opting for a very public mani-pedi is hilarious in a really awkward sort of way.

Given his history with feet, you have to wonder whether this photo will make Ryan more or less inclined to make Tebow his starter next year:

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