Photo: Jerry Sandusky Replaced by Sex Abuse Activist Dora McQuaid on Penn State Mural

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About eight months after it was initially removed from Penn State’s Heister Street mural, Jerry Sandusky's picture has officially been replaced by someone who represents the polar opposite of everything he stood for.

Once upon a time, before the child sex abuse scandal that rocked American college athletics to its very core, the mural on the east wall of Penn State’s Student Bookstore bore Sandusky’s image. Given what he once meant to the institution, it’s understandable why this was the case.

As soon as reports of what he was involved in hit the news, however, muralist Michael Pilato took Sandusky out of the painting and replaced him with a blue ribbon – a filler until he could figure out who he really wanted in that place.

Eventually it came to him.

In a fitting tribute to everyone who was impacted by the Sandusky scandal, Pilato replaced the convicted sex abuser, Sandusky, with Dora McQuaid – a sex abuse activist, poet and public speaker.

As noted by Onward State:

“The title of the mural is ‘Inspiration’, so the people in the mural are inspirational people,” Pilato said, “With just the blue ribbon there, you still saw Sandusky.”

A blue ribbon, symbolizing awareness for child sex abuse, was also added to the bottom right-hand corner.

You can check out the full mural below:

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(Kudos Onward State)

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