Photo: This James Harden Cake Looks Disturbingly Delicious

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It’s generally acknowledged that Oklahoma City Thunder reserve, James Harden, is way too good to be coming off the bench. His recent Sixth Man of the Year award felt like it shouldn’t have gone to him because, much like Manu Ginobli, he plays the backup role largely in name only. He’s always on the court when the game is wrapping up, and he’s quite clearly the Thunder’s third best player.

Being the Thunder’s third best player apparently entitles you to some nifty perks. One of those perks: having your face be put on a disturbingly delicious-looking cake (via

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In theory, nothing this about this cake should be appetizing. It’s a dude with a dirty-looking beard and dumb hair staring you down. Nobody looks at Harden’s head and wants to lick anything off it. But something about this cake is mouth-watering and, if you’re not willing to admit that, you’re just lying to yourself.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports)

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