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Photo: Here is a Reminder of How Much Ohio State Hates Michigan

Just in case you forgot how much Ohio State and Michigan hate each other, new Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer wants to remind you.

Now that we’re slowly but surely creeping towards the next college football season, teams are making mild, quiet preparations for what lays ahead. Some schools are picking uniforms. Others are celebrating their big Signing Day acquisitions. In the case of Meyer and Ohio State, they’re looking ahead towards next year’s schedule. And they’re looking ahead to next year’s schedule by posting it inside the WHAC (because why wouldn't they?). Everything about said schedule is more or less normal at first glance. It lists the date, opponent that the team will be facing, and the opposing team’s logo.

Except in one case. Michigan.

Check out what the powers that be at Ohio State did for Michigan:

Image placeholder title

See folks, that’s what you call a rivalry.

(Kudos to CBS Sports for the find and picture)

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