Photo: Here is the NBA's New Overpriced Twitter T-Shirt

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The NBA has decided to really integrate social media into these new T-Shirts. While I'm as big of a fan of Twitter (follow me!) as anybody, these are hilariously overdoing it. According to Gizmodo, this (check it out below) shirt is just one of many that will be available. Let's just say I don't want one!

Especially not for the 24 bucks the NBA Store has the Lin jersey listed for. This is a nice attempt from the NBA to further popularize Twitter as a way to follow the league, but it's just not the best place to expose it. Further utility (not just the dumb way they read off Tweets) of Twitter and social networks into national broadcasts and content provided already would be better. The NBA will get that message in due time.

For instance, maybe TNT could have Shaq read some tweets on air and give some meaningful @ reply's to fans. Not only could Shaq provide some comedy and insight, he could add to what TNT offers. That's just one example, the possibilities with social are endless!

Do you dig the NBA shirts with the Twitter handles on the back?

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