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Photo: Here is Knicks Point Guard Jeremy Lin’s Infamous Couch

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has become something of a legend over the last nine days. Thanks to his dedication, hard work and perseverance, he’s gone from being a forgotten roster filler dubbed not good enough to play by the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets to being the marquee attraction at Madison Square Garden.

Like all legends, though, Lin’s story has humble beginnings. Humble New York beginnings, I mean. When the Knicks originally picked up their unlikely savior, they signed him to a non-guaranteed deal. Because he had already been burned by two other franchises this season, Lin saw no need to buy his own place in the Big Apple until he got a better idea of where he fell in the team’s long-term plans. Instead, he opted to stay on Landry Fields’ couch until he solidified his status with the Knicks.

That couch will now go down in Linsanity lore. Check it out, via CBS Sports:

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Lin probably has the ability to get his own place at this point. If he’s smart, though, he won’t leave that lucky couch behind.  

(Kudos to CBS Sports for the find)

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