Photo: Guy with "Tebow Time" Broncos Tattoo Probably isn’t Happy Right Now

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Do you vaguely remember that guy who got a tattoo of Tim Tebow as a centaur last year? You know, the one where Tebow was wearing a Denver Broncos helmet and proudly showing off his washboard abs? Well, shockingly, the guy who got that tattoo may now be regretting that decision.

With Peyton Manning on the verge of becoming the Broncos’ new starting quarterback and the team’s VP aiming to jettison Tebow to any franchise willing to have him, that tattoo suddenly makes a lot less sense than it used to.

Here is a refresher for everyone who forgot what it looked like:

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The lesson here: when you get NFL stars in centaur form tattooed on your thigh, make sure not to include a team helmet.

Or just get something subtle like this:

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(Thanks for the reminder, @DarrenRovell)

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