Photo: Guess Which Body Part this Lady Asked Kentucky's Terrence Jones to Sign

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Male Kentucky fans are one of a kind in every imaginable way. Whether they’re offering up their wives for Final Four tickets, offering up their wives to new recruits or offering up their wives for the right to watch the Wildcats in HD – it’s probably safe to say that they love U.K. hoops more than they love their wives.

But the female Kentucky fans are pretty kooky in their own ways. The diehard fandom of one, Ms. Ashley Judd, is well-documented. However, she’s not the lone Wildcat girl prone to being slightly overzealous.

Terrence Jones was reminded of that this weekend, when he participated in an autographing session with fans on Sunday. Here is the picture he uploaded to his Twitter account:

So we’ve established that male and female fans down in Kentucky are really into Wildcats basketball. Did we leave anyone out, though?

Oh, right:

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