Photo: Gambler Bets $1K on 1st Play of Super Bowl XLVI Being a Giants Safety, Wins $50K


Some degenerate gambler bet $1,000 on the first scoring play of Super Bowl XLVI being a New York Giants safety. Because the Giants’ first scoring play of the game being a safety was such a ridiculous longshot, he got 50/1 odds on the bet.

You know how the rest of this story goes.

New York ended up putting two on the board after Tom Brady threw the ball to no one on his first play of the game. A fluke safety that wasn’t even a safety as we know it got called. Then, before the Giants could even re-take the field, this guy ended up pocketing $50,000 for his troubles.

The world isn’t fair.

Here is visual evidence (via Business Insider) of the bet:

Image placeholder title

(Kudos to Business Insider for the photo)

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