Photo: Duke’s Site Inexplicably Features Female Lacrosse Player in Blackface


It’s totally understandable if you don’t regularly check Duke’s official site. Unless you go to the school, or someone you know goes to the school, or you’re some insane fan, staying up to date on the latest Duke website happenings probably isn’t a huge priority for you.

That said, there is someone out there for whom checking Duke’s official site is a priority – the person who updates and maintains it. And seeing as it is that person’s responsibility to make sure all is good on the website front, you can understand why some folks were flummoxed to find a girl in blackface on the homepage today.

Check it out:

Image placeholder title

According to Deadspin, the girl in the picture is a junior lacrosse player.

Two immediate questions pop to mind when you see that photo. One, why would anyone in this day and age still do this? Seriously…why? And two, how could nobody a.) see that it shouldn’t have been done and b) not be aware enough of how wrong it is to not put it up on the website?

Chances are, we’ll get the answers to both questions at some point today.

(Kudos Deadspin)

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