Photo of the Day: Isaiah Stokes is Pretty Huge for an 8th Grader

You would never be able to tell by the picture of him that is currently floating around the internet, but Isaiah Stokes is an eighth grader.

A very, very big eighth grader.

The brother of a Tennessee power forward (according to SportsGrid), Stokes currently measures in at 6-foot-7, 225 pounds. Of course, seeing as he’s only an eighth grader, both of those numbers figure to increase over the next few years.

We don’t know much about this junior behemoth at the moment, however, given his size and his genes (his brother Jarnell averaged 10 points and 7 boards as a freshman), it’s probably a safe bet that we'll be hearing a lot about him in the coming years.  

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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