Photo: Carlos Tevez Payslip Indicates that Manchester United Compensates Him Well

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Generally speaking, everyone knows how much big name athletes make. Maybe specific details never actually get leaked to the world, but estimated figures are always a matter of public record.

For that simple reason, there was never any doubt in anyone’s mind that Carlos Tevez regularly gets a massive check from Manchester United. And yet, despite knowing that, it is impossible to look at his recently leaked payslip and not be awestruck by the numbers on it.

Check out it (via SportsGrid):

It’s good to be rich.

How did this information come to be public? Well, as reported by Metro:

The slip was posted online by Twitter user @Ellis_2025, who was inundated with questions as to how he ended up with such a confidential document.

The tweeter claims he took a cheeky snap of the payslip from Tevez’s Cheshire house while he popped out to make a drink.

‘Was round his b4 n had a look wen he was makin me a brew!,’  @Ellis_2025 told one interested user.”

That’s unfortunate, obviously, but there are definitely worse things that could be leaked onto the internet.

(Kudos SportsGrid, Metro)

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