Photo: Bulls Mike James Wears a Jersey with No Name on the Back

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Getting a chance to play in the NBA is such a precious and rare experience that you can’t fault a guy for taking it any way he can get it.

Mike James, 36, is the perfect example.

James is a veteran guard who has bounced around to various NBA teams, D-League squads and one Turkish club. On Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls called him up to play in their game versus the Washington Wizards. Problem was, James ended up being such a late arrival that the equipment managers didn’t have a chance to stitch his name onto the back of the jersey.

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Did he create a fuss about it? Nope.

James played a grand total of 40 seconds in the eventual win.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing jerseys with no names on the back popping up all over the world now.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports)

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