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Photo: Breathe Easy Yankees Fans, Derek Jeter is Not Fat

About a week ago, the New York Post caused something of a frenzy when it printed a picture of a very chunky Derek Jeter with the caption: Derek Eater.

It was a creative description and a hilarious way to expose the fact that New York’s biggest star had let himself go, but apparently it wasn’t entirely accurate. As much as Yankees haters would love to believe that Jeter’s broken ankle forced him to pack on the pounds – that is not the case.

Here is a picture of Jeter, side-by-side with the one that the Post recently used:

Notice a difference?

So, yeah – the Post either used an old picture of Jeter, or they cropped one, or they just took one at the worst angle imaginable. Fear not, though, Yankees fans: your boy is doing fine.

(Kudos FOX Sports)

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