Photo: Blue Jays’ Yunel Escobar Puts Gay Slur on Eye Black

You would think that by now, after all of the controversies that we've had regarding this subject over the past year, athletes would know to steer clear of gay slurs. Well, scratch that. You would hope that just by virtue of common decency, athletes (and the rest of humanity) would naturally steer clear of all slurs. But because that’s not the way our world works, you would think that these guys could at least learn from past mistakes.


On Saturday, Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar decided to wear eye black that contained the phrase “Tu ere M*****n” on it. Loose translation: “You’re a f****t.”

Why did he do it? Because he’s stupid. Beyond that? Who knows.

It’s probably a safe bet that he’ll be able to explain when he finds himself in the commissioner’s office this week, though.

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(Kudos CBS Sports)

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports

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