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Photo: Baby Does a Keg Stand at an Arizona State Tailgate

Inebriated college football fans are known for taking things way too far, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by this latest development.

Being dumb is what drunken, idiotic loyalists of schools they didn’t even go to half the time do.

And yet, despite the fact that we know all that, and despite the fact that should probably be impervious to shock at this point, a new image floating around of a baby doing a keg stand at an Arizona State tailgate is still troubling.

Check it out:

Image placeholder title

Now, for what it’s worth, there is no way to know that the baby is actually drinking anything there. It could just be a photo op. Even if it is, though, isn’t there something mildly offputting about shoving that thing into a helpless baby’s mouth just for the sake of taking a picture?

Yeah, it’s much, much worse if he’s actually getting any beer in his mouth – but it’s still pretty bad even if he wasn’t.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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