Photo: Anthony Perosh’s Horrific Broken Toe (Graphic)


If you’re a legitimate sports fan, chances are you have seen a ton of gruesome injuries over the years. It’s an unavoidable thing. Football, basketball, baseball – take your pick. Every single sporting event, beginning with soccer and ending with NASCAR, has featured at least one bad injury that will make the hardest of hard dudes squeamish.

As is the case with all other sports, MMA has experienced its fair share of gruesome injuries. It comes with the territory – this is after all a combat sport. In the case of most injuries, you just sort of get used to them. After a while, they don't even phase you.

That said, Anthony Perosh’s most recent injury may be the most degusting thing ever.

Check it out:

Image placeholder title

And he didn’t even get it in a legitimate fight. He sustained that during a practice session. Terrible.

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