Photo: Another Potential New U.S. Men’s Soccer Jersey Sighting

Recently a number of supposedly leaked U.S. men’s national soccer team jersey photos have made the rounds, and each one has consistently been met with more scrutiny than the ones that came before it. According to the good folks at Soccer by Ives, though, we may have finally gotten a glimpse of an actual new jersey.

Per SbI:

The jersey pictured …was listed on the online shop for Nike, the official outfitter of the national team, as the new U.S. away kit before being pulled from the website earlier in the day.

The really simple design manages to both be sort of appealing and kind of disappointing all at the same time. On one hand, given the purported previews we’ve seen, this jersey is a welcome relief (assuming this one is real). But if we hadn’t seen the uglier options that inevitably make you appreciate this one, you can’t help but feel as though this jersey would come off as much more underwhelming than it does now.

What do you think: are you feeling the new style?

(Kudos to Soccer by Ives for the find)

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