Photo and Video: This Alabama Basketball Fan’s Sign is the Best Thing You’ll See Today


For all of its perceived faults, the one thing that social media has undoubtedly contributed to society is that it has enhanced creativity. Because you can now pool together a bunch of people’s thoughts on a particular matter in a way you never could before, writers, artists and everyone in between has had to step their games up tenfold in order to succeed.

One of the groups of people who’s experienced an extra bit of limelight over the last couple of years thanks to the evolution of social media is fans with creative signs at sporting events. Whereas before fans with creative signs would only have their wisdom shown to people in their direct proximiety and the fans watching the game locally at home, now, a simple screen grab and tweet can make a random kid from Alabama a bona fide internet sensation.

Case in point: this random kid from Alabama.

Take a gander at the way that Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship has decided to mess with the opposition at games (via ESPN):

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The folks at Page 2 recently did an interview with Blankenship, and as you might expect, he’s very much enjoying his newfound fame.

"It's been amazing," he said. "I've always wanted to be famous."

Here is what it looks like when Blankenship’s two heads are staring at you during a game:

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the best sports-related thing you’ll see today.

(Kudos to Page 2 for the find and GamedayR for the photo)

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