Photo: Alabama’s BCS Championship Trophy Accidently Smashed into Tiny Pieces

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The Alabama Crimson Tide worked hard to win the BCS championship trophy last year. They battled all season long through the grueling SEC, had to face off against the fierce LSU Tigers twice and had to fret for weeks about whether or not the powers that be would give them a shot to play for the title following their infamous November loss.

In the end, it all worked out for Nick Saban and Co.

They wound up in the championship game after all and, when it was all said and done, they were the ones left holding up the crystal football that every school pines for at the beginning of each college football season.

Unfortunately for the Crimson Tide, that crystal ball is made out of crystal, not steel. It's not childproof. And so, when a careless father of a current player went and knocked it off its perch recently, this was the end result (via Alex Scarborough):

Yup, that’s what the biggest prize in college football has been reduced to – rubble.

According to AD spokesman Jeff Purinton (via ABC), the school is working with the Football Coaches Association on getting a replacement for the $30,000 piece of art.

We’ll wait for updates with bated breath.

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