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There's No Cheating in Baseball: Phillies Warned about Stealing Signs

According to, the Philadelphia Phillies have been warned about stealing the signs of the opposing team’s catcher. This is after the Colorado Rockies claimed that they were using binoculars in the bullpen to see what signs they were flashing.

The Rockies say that Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was out there stealing their stuff, and the Rockies told MLB about it.

“We have looked at the video and talked to the Phillies about the actions of their bullpen coach,” a Major League Baseball official told

“We found the evidence inconclusive on what was being done, but we have spoken to the Phillies about the situation, and the umpires have been told to be on full alert as to what is going on.”

If ya ain’t cheatin’, ya ain’t tryin’, right? Well, we don’t see the huge problem with this. First off, if they are trying to steal signs, that’s poor sportsmanship, knock it off. Then again, we’ve never seen a guy get a contract extension for being such a good sport. You get paid for hitting the crap out of the ball and winning games.

Secondly, how would they really be able to get the pitch in to the batter quickly enough for him to know what was coming? And couldn’t they just watch on television? That’s a great way to see what pitch is coming. It’s also great way to learn some awesome trivia that is asked in the third inning and answered in the seventh or eighth. What a great way to keep me interested in the game stop me from channel surfing.

Supposedly, the New York Mets complained about this as well when Johan Santana got lit up for 10 runs a couple weeks ago. It’s probably true. The Phillies are probably cheating. We just think that the bullpen coach should be spending more time….you know, actually helping the bullpen and not participating in this type of useless assclownery.

Not matter, manager Charlie Manuel says it’s not going on anyway.

“Absolutely not,” Manuel said Wednesday, according to “Absolutely [bleeping] not. In no way were we stealing signs. We don’t do that.

“I understand why they’d be concerned about it, but that’s the truth. We’re not trying to steal signs. That’s it. I didn’t know [Billmeyer] did that. He watches our catcher to help him where he’s setting up. It definitely had nothing to do with signs,” Manuel said.



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