Phillies Will Try to Keep Werth?


Oh, who to believe. Isn’t journalism awesome? Different people hearing different things and reporting them? It’s great. Remember when we mentioned the other day that the Phillies have “no chance” to retain Jayson Werth based on a report from ESPN’s Jayson Stark? According to‘s Jon Heyman, that’s not exactly true.

“heard #phils making big push to keep werth. gm amaro told philly inquirer he wants answer soon. quick deal still not likely,” Heyman tweets with proper use of hashtags (even though they are less and less relevant these days).

We’d have to guess that the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Here’s the deal. The Phillies don’t want to lose Werth because he plays a very good right field, has a huge arm, and is a critical right-handed bat in a lefty-heavy lineup. However, he’ll be 32-years old in May. The issue will most likely be over contract length. And we think the Phillies will make a competitive offer.

But, Werth is a fairly hot commodity who someone will probably overspend for. The Phillies can’t get caught with a huge contract as Werth’s better days get behind him.


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