Phillies Desperately Need to Change Something

The Phillies looked absolutely lifeless on offense on Tuesday as they dropped Game 3 of the NLCS 3-0 to the San Francisco Giants. Yes, Matt Cain pitched well, I get that. But, c’mon. The Phils scattered a few hits here and there and never put any pressure on him.

As such, they need to admit that changes need to be made and just do it.

Raul Ibanez looks overmatched at the plate. The fact that they have to hold on to this guy for one more year is just evidence of why you don’t sign aging players to three-year deals. Remember when he got off to that hot start in 2009? That was a long time ago. Ben Francisco isn’t a great option, but he’ll improve the defense immediately and he can’t possibly do worse than going 0-for-(insert however many at-bats Ibanez got in a given game).

What about Jimmy Rollins? That’s the big debate. There are some who want him benched pronto in exchange for Wilson “Exxon” Valdez. Valdez isn’t great, but Rollins isn’t giving you much right now. He had the big three-run double in Game 2, but other than that he’s been quiet like the rest of them. The single he hit in the ninth inning of Game 3 ended up doing no harm.

The Phils are stuck with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. There are no better alternatives on the roster and at least Howard is hitting a few balls. Utley on the other hand….brutal.

So what do the Phillies end up doing? Can they stick with this lineup for Game 4 with Joe Blanton on the mound? Will simply shuffling the lineup around with the same dead bats be enough to get a few runs?

Should Dom Brown get a chance to play?


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