MLB: Phillies Dominic Brown Out 3-6 Weeks


Philadelphia Phillies former prospect Dominic Brown fractured his hamate bone in his right hand on Saturday and is likely to miss three to six weeks.  Don’t let the ‘former’ reference fool you.  He is still on the Phillies, but his horrible play has downgraded his ‘prospect’ status to being Ben Francisco’s prospective backup.

Brown injured his hand after swinging the bat.  Initial reports are indicating that the ball hit the bat when he swung it, triggering the injury.  Brown’s hand was not used to the feeling of an actual baseball hitting the wooden instrument.  What an unfortunate circumstance.

In 2010, Brown had 62 at bats, striking out 24 times and had a batting average of .210.   The Phillies were hoping he would be the much-needed, right-handed bat in their lineup once Jason Werth left.  It doesn’t seem this is going to be the case.  But in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter.  The Phillies pitching staff is stacked and Ben Francisco is a solid player.


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